BlindSearch: The Search Taste Test

UPDATE: I’ve published the results from the first 8 weeks of BlindSearch here.

I thought i”d be fun to see what happens when you do a search that doesn’t have branding. Are we swayed by the branding of our favourite search engines?


To figure it out, I thought I’d try my hands at building a ‘“Blind Search”. Basically, you enter a query, get back three results in random order then select the column which you believe gave you the best results.

Will be interesting to see the results.

Check it out over at, Have fun!


update #1: The poll has been compromised. Probably equally due to my lack of leet skills and to the malicious person gaming it.

I’ve removed the ability to see the results until I sort this out. Meanwhile you can still have fun playing with blind search. Feel free to blame the douche for ruining it for everybody. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t take this a scientific whats-e-ma-jing, it’s just a bit of observational fun.


update #2: I have introduced a basic image search