TwitterVote: the very easy way to conduct a vote or poll via Twitter

Last week I wrote a little site called TwitterVote. TwitterVote allows you to use Twitter for the purposes of voting.

A few people have asked me about it and if they can use it. Well, here it is, feel free to use it whenever you want to conduct a vote or poll using twitter.

It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is type a URL that matches your vote.

For example the following URL:,cher,prince,gaga

will yield the following page


That’s all there is to it, simple and obvious really. The hashtag parameter tells it what hashtag to look for and the keywords parameter is a comma delimited list words or names that it will search for.

There are few optional parameters that you can pass down that will modify the way it works:

&count=3 – use this to limit the result set to only show the top 3 results.

&state=names – use this to have the page not show the results but rather the keywords. at any time, you can click on the screen and toggle the results and list of keywords. This is particularly handy when you don’t want to reveal the results but want people to see who/what they can vote for.

So, a complete example would be,cher,prince,gaga&count=3&state=names.

It’s also worth noting that once all the votes are collected, the page will continue to poll for new results every 10 seconds. It’s pretty cool to see the results change live.

Also, remember that if people are not sharing their tweets publically, they will not show up in the search results.

That’s it, drop me a note if you use TwitterVote and found it useful.

PS jQuery, I love you!