Please meet web thinkers

I had this idea ages ago. Wouldn’t it be great to ask 9 smart people the same 9 questions. Then be able to play the answers back in any order and choose what’s relevant to you?

9×9 was born. And ta-da… today, we’ve unleashed it to the world.

Check it

Please have a play and tell me what you think. I’m hoping people enjoy it enough that it encourages us to to it again.

Mega thanks to the interviewees Nick Holmes a Court, Graham Weldon, Mick Liubinskas, John Allsopp, Gaven Morris, Iain McDonald, Angus Kidman, Jess Greenwood and Russ Weakley.

And to my friends at Soap Creative. Thanks for helping pull this off in the ridiculously short time we had to do it in.

Ohh, and it’s all HTML5 video. But more on that another day, perhaps at REMIX 🙂