REMIX 2011 Australia call for content

Ok, we’re very close to locking in REMIX|2011 and we want you!

For the uninitiated, REMIX is all about the web. Web technologies, web platforms, web thinkers, web trends, web do’es and Microsoft. It is an all inclusive lovefest that has become the must attend web event for Microsoft devs and non-ms devs alike.

If you want to speak at our wonderful conference, the time is now!

We’re looking for peeps who are most excellent in the following areas:

  • The open web: HTML5/CSS/SVG etc
  • UX stuff: Silverlight, WPF, Flash, Expression etc
  • Web platforms + tools: ASP.NET, MVC, Azure, PHP etc
  • Mobile: WP7, iPhone, tablets mobile UX etc
  • Anything tech or other that you want to pitch and that is webby and awesome

Man, it’s an exciting time to be in our industry!
I had over 100 submissions last year, so I suggest we get chatting sooner rather than later. Operators are standing by, please submit your idea for a session to me directly

Looking forward to hearing form you.