World’s Biggest PAC-MAN: 1 week after launch

To celebrate Internet Explorer 9, I’ve been working with the amazing people at Soap Creative and we’ve been very proud to give the world It was unveiled for the first time at MIX11 keynote and has since gone ballistic!

To celebrate our 1 week anniversary, here are some WBPM by the numbers.

As of our first week anniversary:

  • 242M: number of Pac-Dots eaten
  • 2.2M: number of mazes played
  • 10,819: the total number of mazes created
  • 725,897: unique visitors
  • 23,513: total number of clicks out to
  • 39.2%: the percentage of clicks out to were from non-ie users
  • 834.46: total number of gigabytes transferred so far
  • ~11,000: the total number of unique backlinks
  • 6.7%: percentage of mazes that have been removed due to, well, naked parts
  • 80%: percentage of naked parts that uniquely belong to the male of our species
  • 00:06:32: average time on site (13 times longer than the average TV commercial)
  • 80.12/13.09/2.95: percentage of users in Windows/Mac/Linux respectively
  • 55.57/30.43/13.50/0.01 percentage of users in Windows 7/XP/Vista/98

A few things that you may not be aware of:

  • We have an awesome 404 page
  • Soap creative have created a WBPM tumblr with great mazes that we come across
  • Despite its retro’ness it’s a damn good modern web site (Canvas, Audio, WOFF fonts, high-ress favicon etc)
  • You can drag your facebook profile photo and pin your stats to your taskbar (IE9)
  • World’s Biggest Pacman does site pinning in ie9

Once again, mega-props the the very awesome team at Soap Creative.