My Geek Origin Story, what’s yours?

1995: I discovered GeoCities and the magic of HTML. So unbelievably blown away by the notion I could make my own bit of the internet, the world disappeared around me.

My mum and I both remember me being obsessed by it. I didn’t leave my room for 3 days straight until I had my place on the internet and GeoCities built.

Although some may say I’m a bit slow in taking 3 days to build a one page site (with animated gifs that animated in sync mind you). I knew that this internet thing was for me. Never before had I found anything that had given me more fulfilment and satisfaction than this.

This is one of my Geek Origin Stories.

It is a moment that, when I look back on and in retrospect, was a symbol of who I am, why I love technology and why I do what I do.

This year at TechEd (super secret but super high profile project for now), I want to profile and capture your Geek Origin Stories.

What memories do you have that define you?

I’m looking for your personal stories that tap into what makes you geek. Stories like mine that tap into your geek DNA and the (tacit) attributes that define you.

So, please email me one or a few of your Geek Origin Stories. Also please include a photo or video of you being a young geek.

Email me or post your own online and send me a link.

Thanks and this is going to be awesome!