Louis C.K. proves the internet right (and that he is awesome)

Louis C.K., one of my favourite living comics, recently released a very polished and professionally produced video of his recent gig at the Beacon Theater. He did something that few with his existing success have the courage to do.

He offered it for download with no restrictions (yay DRM free!) for a measly $5.

Paypal account in hand, I bought my copy and it’s an awesome show. You too can pick up a copy here.

So, as he wore the risk, after a few days, the numbers are in…..

Cha Ching! – turns out that bucking convention has worked out for him.

In a few short days, he has made a profit of $200k (and counting) with a gross of $500k.

Yay to Louis for all the success that he deserves but also for proving that giving consumers what they want and not locking media up can and does work. What a great success story.