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Is blogging still a thing?


As the cool kids say, I have a side hustle.

I think it’s kinda cool.


I’ve been making a lot of art this past year and I figured it’s time to put it somewhere and see if people like it enough to drop some coin and support it.

It started when I made this fun little Joker inspired 2 sided mug which sold over 100 times on Etsy.

2 sided live with Murray Franklin Joker movie mug, for the most hardcore of joker fans

Fast forward, I’m still making stuff and having fun with out and even selling some of it.

I’m particularly proud of this Joker Movie Inspired Instruction Manual Art Print.

Isn’t It Beautiful Joker Movie Inspired Instruction Manual Art Print

Yes, I’ve been mildly obsessed with that masterpiece but theres other stuff there too.

Like my Stoic Virtues Art Print Set.

Anyhoo, thanks and have a squiz at my stuff will ya!