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Is blogging still a thing?


As the cool kids say, I have a side hustle.

I think it’s kinda cool.


I’ve been making a lot of art this past year and I figured it’s time to put it somewhere and see if people like it enough to drop some coin and support it.

It started when I made this fun little Joker inspired 2 sided mug which sold over 100 times on Etsy.

2 sided live with Murray Franklin Joker movie mug, for the most hardcore of joker fans

Fast forward, I’m still making stuff and having fun with out and even selling some of it.

I’m particularly proud of this Joker Movie Inspired Instruction Manual Art Print.

Isn’t It Beautiful Joker Movie Inspired Instruction Manual Art Print

Yes, I’ve been mildly obsessed with that masterpiece but theres other stuff there too.

Like my Stoic Virtues Art Print Set.

Anyhoo, thanks and have a squiz at my stuff will ya!

Louis C.K. proves the internet right (and that he is awesome)

Louis C.K., one of my favourite living comics, recently released a very polished and professionally produced video of his recent gig at the Beacon Theater. He did something that few with his existing success have the courage to do.

He offered it for download with no restrictions (yay DRM free!) for a measly $5.

Paypal account in hand, I bought my copy and it’s an awesome show. You too can pick up a copy here.

So, as he wore the risk, after a few days, the numbers are in…..

Cha Ching! – turns out that bucking convention has worked out for him.

In a few short days, he has made a profit of $200k (and counting) with a gross of $500k.

Yay to Louis for all the success that he deserves but also for proving that giving consumers what they want and not locking media up can and does work. What a great success story.

My Geek Origin Story, what’s yours?

1995: I discovered GeoCities and the magic of HTML. So unbelievably blown away by the notion I could make my own bit of the internet, the world disappeared around me.

My mum and I both remember me being obsessed by it. I didn’t leave my room for 3 days straight until I had my place on the internet and GeoCities built.

Although some may say I’m a bit slow in taking 3 days to build a one page site (with animated gifs that animated in sync mind you). I knew that this internet thing was for me. Never before had I found anything that had given me more fulfilment and satisfaction than this.

This is one of my Geek Origin Stories.

It is a moment that, when I look back on and in retrospect, was a symbol of who I am, why I love technology and why I do what I do.

This year at TechEd (super secret but super high profile project for now), I want to profile and capture your Geek Origin Stories.

What memories do you have that define you?

I’m looking for your personal stories that tap into what makes you geek. Stories like mine that tap into your geek DNA and the (tacit) attributes that define you.

So, please email me one or a few of your Geek Origin Stories. Also please include a photo or video of you being a young geek.

Email me or post your own online and send me a link.

Thanks and this is going to be awesome!

REMIX11 is a go in Sydney, Australia

I’m proud to announce that REMIX11 is open for business.

Mosey on over to for details.

We’re doing it a little different this year…

2 June is going to be a chocca block full day of web developer goodness. Much of what modern developer needs to know to stay on top of their game is on offer and more.

1 June we’re going to be doing a special evening keynote filled with great speakers and a performance by one of my fav music artists at the moment (shh, it’s a secret).

Ok, check out for much more details.

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN: 1 week after launch

To celebrate Internet Explorer 9, I’ve been working with the amazing people at Soap Creative and we’ve been very proud to give the world It was unveiled for the first time at MIX11 keynote and has since gone ballistic!

To celebrate our 1 week anniversary, here are some WBPM by the numbers.

As of our first week anniversary:

  • 242M: number of Pac-Dots eaten
  • 2.2M: number of mazes played
  • 10,819: the total number of mazes created
  • 725,897: unique visitors
  • 23,513: total number of clicks out to
  • 39.2%: the percentage of clicks out to were from non-ie users
  • 834.46: total number of gigabytes transferred so far
  • ~11,000: the total number of unique backlinks
  • 6.7%: percentage of mazes that have been removed due to, well, naked parts
  • 80%: percentage of naked parts that uniquely belong to the male of our species
  • 00:06:32: average time on site (13 times longer than the average TV commercial)
  • 80.12/13.09/2.95: percentage of users in Windows/Mac/Linux respectively
  • 55.57/30.43/13.50/0.01 percentage of users in Windows 7/XP/Vista/98

A few things that you may not be aware of:

  • We have an awesome 404 page
  • Soap creative have created a WBPM tumblr with great mazes that we come across
  • Despite its retro’ness it’s a damn good modern web site (Canvas, Audio, WOFF fonts, high-ress favicon etc)
  • You can drag your facebook profile photo and pin your stats to your taskbar (IE9)
  • World’s Biggest Pacman does site pinning in ie9

Once again, mega-props the the very awesome team at Soap Creative.

REMIX 2011 Australia call for content

Ok, we’re very close to locking in REMIX|2011 and we want you!

For the uninitiated, REMIX is all about the web. Web technologies, web platforms, web thinkers, web trends, web do’es and Microsoft. It is an all inclusive lovefest that has become the must attend web event for Microsoft devs and non-ms devs alike.

If you want to speak at our wonderful conference, the time is now!

We’re looking for peeps who are most excellent in the following areas:

  • The open web: HTML5/CSS/SVG etc
  • UX stuff: Silverlight, WPF, Flash, Expression etc
  • Web platforms + tools: ASP.NET, MVC, Azure, PHP etc
  • Mobile: WP7, iPhone, tablets mobile UX etc
  • Anything tech or other that you want to pitch and that is webby and awesome

Man, it’s an exciting time to be in our industry!
I had over 100 submissions last year, so I suggest we get chatting sooner rather than later. Operators are standing by, please submit your idea for a session to me directly

Looking forward to hearing form you.